Affiliate programs are the marketing programs which need a sound management on an ongoing basis. It is not just sufficient to launch an affiliate program and wait for results to come. If you are not focusing on its management actively, chances are good that your program may fall under the category of unsuccessful programs. Here comes the role of affiliate managers who can constantly work on properly managing affiliate programs by boosting content and promotions while taking care of the needs of affiliates and their needs.

Does a company need a dedicated affiliate marketing manager?

The answer is ‘Yes’. It is quite easy for an affiliate manager to fill the slot of a dedicated worker working 40 or more hours per week as a full time worker. There are quite a good number of responsibilities for the role of an affiliate manager. They include various tasks like ad trafficking, monitoring trademark, supporting affiliates, reporting and others. A company can consider hiring an in-house full time affiliate marketing manager or can outsource it to an external agency.

If you hire a dedicated full time affiliate manager then you have several advantages like you can train him/her easily on products or services being onsite. He can easily access the data of the company and use it for advantage. He can also understand what are the key drivers of the revenue. The disadvantage of hiring a full time manager is the high cost of salary and training.

The advantage of outsourcing from an expert affiliate marketing management agency is to achieve the benefits of a seasoned affiliate manager with established affiliate relationships. He can easily get the desired affiliates for your marketing program who can show great results. Also costs associated with outsourced affiliate managers are low as compared to in-house dedicated affiliate manager. But since the person is not on-site they can’t be immediately aware of news and developments in your company. But this can be overcome from weekly and periodic meetings.

Key Skills required in a successful affiliate marketing manager 

Managing affiliates well–¬† An affiliate manager should always be focused on getting all the affiliates geared up to boost the promotion of existing as well as new products or services launched by the company. While others do their marketing task, affiliate marketing manager should do his task of managing affiliates well.

Can maintain great relationships- An affiliate manager has to work directly with many people from various departments in your company whether he or she is an IT guy or a full time blogger as an affiliate. So he should have great relationship and inter personnel skills.

Should have good analytical skills– An affiliate marketing manager has to track marketing expenditure along with the revenue and calculate shares as well. These all tasks need strong analytical skills.

Technical– A good affiliate manager should be tech savvy and should know IT skills like basic HTML and code knowledge. He should know how to use affiliate tracking pixel and coding content for affiliates.

Apart from these skills, he should be detail oriented and should be inquisitive to understand things well.

When most of these skills are met in an affiliate marketing manager you hire for your company, there is a big chance that your affiliate marketing program is set to achieve new heights soon after its execution.