affiliates management

Customers want to know how the product physically feels like before paying for it. That’s why there is a test drive for cars, demo and trial of the software, and in toy shops where toys are kept on display where one can touch, feel and play with it. Affiliate marketer’s income is directly related to products sold thru his site.

An affiliate marketer can also take a step in that direction by talking about the product and even go into details about how the product has helped him. Most cannot do this because they themselves have inadequate experience of the product or they feel it is not their responsibility. As a result, people do visit site but do not purchase, which ultimately is a loss for the affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketers do not have to go into details of product creation. Most of them become an affiliate without even having seen or purchased the product. Most products are such that you join their affiliate programs within a day itself. This diminishes the true understanding and use of the product.

Though quick joining saves time but as a trade-off, they are unable to answer the question posed by the customers. If affiliate marketer has used or seen the product he can very convincingly describe in’s and out’s of the product. It is better if affiliate marketer uses the product before joining the affiliate program.

Most of the affiliate marketers are the least concern about delivery of the product as they do not own or manufacture the product. They feel once the customer has clicked on their site, their responsibility ends. Now the responsibility of sale, delivery and money collection is on merchant’s part. Affiliates feel that they should not bother as there is sales page to take care of.

What the affiliate forgets that the customer when purchasing some other product will go through your review of the product as he was very satisfied with the last purchase. This brings more business to you. And the opposite is also true. That is he will feel that your product review is totally false he will no longer purchase those products for which you have given an excellent review.

In short, the customer knows and trusts you more than the merchant or owner of the product. It was you who recommended the product and they liked the product. So next time you recommend some another product they will consider it with the positive attitude. And they become your constant sale resource whenever you recommend them any product.

When you review a product or write a blog remember to explain the product step by step and you can insert images after each step. This will give your customers a fairly good idea of the result of each step. How things will unfold. You might have heard the proverb “A picture is worth thousand words” it is very true in this context too. Maybe the customer may not understand your write-up or article or blog too clearly but the images will give him much better visualization of what to expect of the product.

Your blog or article or post not only reveals how the product is from outside but also from inside.  How it works and other applications of the product? Technical data about its volume, weight, colors, electricity consumption and other related data creates a desire for the customer to own one. Many people do share the blog or article they like with their relatives and friends on social media. This brings more publicity for merchant and more business to an affiliate indirectly.