affiliates management

Affiliate marketing is a sharing of profit between the merchant or advertiser and salespeople or publisher on the sale of product or services. The performance of publisher or salesperson can be measured by sales or number of click, or registrations are done.

In general parlance, the merchants or advertisers are referred to as affiliate merchants or simply advertisers. The salespeople or publishers are referred to as affiliates.

One can automate much of the advertising process. Like approving and accepting applications, generating sales links, tracking and reporting results. The best part of affiliate marketing is that payments are only made for the results achieved. Results can be the number of sales, clicks or registration signed up.

Since payments are based only on performance, it shifts much of advertisement risk from advertiser or merchants towards affiliate. Perform or perish. Though merchants also have some risk of fraud from partner sites or publishers website.

Most of the big companies have affiliate programs. One can see the dramatic rise of those companies who have embraced affiliate program in their early stages. Now they have become online leading companies. Initial adaptors of affiliate marketing presently have hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers with them. It is common to see major players of different industries and sectors having affiliate programs structured more or less in the same manner and making similar changes to their program time to time to stay competitive.

Here are simple steps you can follow if you wish to earn a decent amount.

Begin with affiliate program which is best in the industry or sector you want to work in.

For joining you will have to sign up for the affiliate program and you will receive exclusive affiliate link which you will be using for different purposes.

Once you have registered with the affiliate program you can start promoting merchants product and services through that affiliate link.

Once sales commence you will start generating income. As more and more sales take place your income will also rise in that proportion. Depending on the affiliate program the cash will be directly transferred to your account or you will receive a cheque.

Though all the above things look rosy they are not so. It demands a lot of hard work, devotion, dedication, and determination, especially during the initial stage, also called growth stage. The more one works smartly and devotes lot of energy and time to understand and follow affiliate marketing in initial stage the more early he gets his rewards. There is a lot of competition too.

One can join affiliate program of Clickbank, Affiliates Management, Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Etsy, and/or Commission Junction etc.