affiliates management

Gone are the days when women looked only after home and hearth and man was the sole breadwinner. In these days of ever-rising costs, it is necessary for both partners to earn to fulfill their family dreams and needs.

Women can work from home as an affiliate marketer.  It is essentially referral marketing with a commission. When you refer a new person to purchase the product, which has an affiliate program that you have joined, you get paid. In other words, get paid to sell other businesses product or services.

For example, if you are an affiliate of a business dealing with garments and you recommend someone to purchase garments through your referral, then the merchant will pay you commission on the sale of the garment. There are many verticals of an affiliate program and you can choose which one suits you the best.

So the next question is how are you as an affiliate marketer paid?

There are many types of affiliate programs. Many will pay you a percentage of the sale you make or flat rate. It is also called pay-per-sale.

Another common type of payment is when you are paid per lead or action. That is when you refer someone to sign up for businesses free trial, the concerned business pays you for every new signup. In other words, you are generating new leads for the business with each signup.

You can also be paid if someone clicks the advertisement because of your efforts (or on your website if you have one), also called pay-per-click. It is mostly used with reference to advertisement program. To take it further some businesses also pay when someone fills the prescribed form and submits.

Some companies have two-tier programs. That is when your referred affiliate produces the desired result; you also get paid for it.

The method and frequency vary from one merchant to another. Many merchants pay on monthly basis, few merchants pay on weekly basis. Still, others pay when affiliate earning reaches certain threshold say the minimum of $10 or $25 or as high as $100. Certain programs do not have any threshold limit at all. Even the mode of payment varies. Some credit directly into your bank account or send you a cheque. Still, others prefer to pay you through online payment service provider wallets.

Joining affiliate marketing business offers you many perks.

It has very low start-up costs – Many affiliate programs allow you to join for free. Some programs may charge a small registration fee which is very nominal. So that they get only those affiliate marketers who are serious about their work.

No inventory needed – There is no need for the affiliate marketer to have an inventory of the product(s) that he/she is affiliating for.  No inventory hence no need for packing, supply or logistics. No need to worry about product return.

You can join by just filling the form – Most of the affiliate programs have a very simple and easy sign-up form. Once signed up you can post links and advertisements within a short period. Though there are few affiliate programs that have certain rules and regulations for anyone joining them. They may ask you to provide more detailed information to be filled. It depends from product to product and sector to sector.

Remember to join quality affiliate programs. Where there is transparency and payments are structured.