One can gain/make money using web by working as an affiliate marketer. An affiliate marketer promotes a range of or specific products or websites. Through this he/she earn commission or cut in profit from the web traffic that is generated through his/her efforts. Whenever a sale is generated due to leads by affiliate marketer the affiliate earns income. Let us see how much potential is there in affiliate marketing and whether it suits you or not. Knowing few points on affiliate marketing will definitely help you.

Choosing business model

There are two models to work upon, a resource site and a review site. You can choose a model depending on your familiarity with the services or product you advertise.

Resource sites are embedded in merchant partner’s website by an affiliate link. It also can be a banner advertisement with article and posts.  It has to be frequently updated by fresh content that the customer regularly visits the marketer’s website to get new and latest information.

Review sites have a prominent attribute or aspect of reviews of services/products the affiliate marketer has tested and tried. The service or product that is reviewed has a banner advertisement or link that will take the customer to the merchant partner website. These review sites do not need frequent updates. Because of the small tweaks in merchant partner website the search engine continues to list the website in their search results.

Creating own website

Creating your own website or a blog will be needed where you will be posting links and advertise your chosen services or product. Your website or the blog can be used to earn additional revenue to you as an affiliate marketer. If you do not have your website then it is advisable that you create one.

One of the best and easiest ways is to join up with an affiliate marketing company that specializes in online marketing.  You will be working independently. These affiliated marketing companies give you a platform for advertising the services or products.

If you do not have your own website then you can try for PPC (pay per click) type of affiliate marketing.  Direct links outside of the merchant websites allow you to make money from the advertisement without you having to post an advertisement on your website. You create an advertisement on any topic and advertise it on Facebook. When anyone clicks on the ad they are directed to your advertisement. There are many affiliate networks which specialize in direct linking of your ads.