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Improving affiliate relations is a key factor which contributes to a successful affiliate program. You may have pre-existing relationship or you need to start from scratch. But both need effort, the pre-existing needs making it better and the new one needs proper and careful relation building. Here are the successful ways adopting which you can surely improve your relationship with the affiliates to ensure success in affiliate management program.

How affiliate needs to communicate and how much he/she is available?

Your affiliates may have other jobs and responsibilities too along with working for you. They may be working 9-5 or may be busy in other responsibilities and therefore may not be available to attend your calls or exchange an email conversation. If this happens, understand that they will response late to the emails and it may occur late in the day or overnight. It is quite important to respect their communication preferences.

Understand the needs of affiliates

As a good affiliates manager you should visit affiliate’s website, ask relevant questions and understand what affiliate wants to say and what he/she needs. Once you understand what your affiliate needs, you can present them solutions and ideas t support his/her needs. Do your homework before you meet your affiliates and help them in giving their best performance in the affiliate program.

Ask for feedbacks from affiliates to improve your affiliate program

Create spreadsheets and ask your affiliates to fill their ratings on various aspects of your affiliate program. Ask questions through email about their thoughts on the affiliate program and how can the program be improved. If an affiliate submits the feedback personally then don’t forget to thank him/her. Send all of them the summary of their feedbacks and your action plan based on the feedbacks.

Provide as much resources you can for affiliate success

Provide all the tools and resources needed by the affiliates to market your products or services as well as understand them. This will help them to bring better results as well as understand your products and services better.

The key to success in affiliate management is to have a great relationship with your affiliates and at the end of the day your affiliates only help you in becoming a successful affiliate manager.