affiliates management australia

To achieve success in affiliate program, an affiliate manager should avoid certain mistakes. Affiliate management is one of the best marketing methods to elevate the graph of company’s growth and it is not only fruitful for the company as well as for the affiliates associated with the company’s affiliate program. Therefore affiliate managers should always find perfect ways to make it easier for the affiliates to gain momentum in their affiliate efforts. Knowing the common mistakes made by the managers will help them to gain success faster and here are the most common ones listed-

Not providing sufficient and useful statistics to the affiliates

It is important to be on top of the real-time statistics when you are marketing a product. But it is seen that most of the affiliates programs even today, stay behind in providing some important and advanced statistics to the affiliates. They only provide basic statistics to the visitors like the numbers sent, amount of sales, commissions earned etc. But these statistics are not sufficient for the affiliates when they want to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

There are many other important and useful statistics provided by the managers like-

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly statistics and also by date range
  • Detailed commission breakdown and the method of referral
  • Top performing affiliates so that affiliates can compare their performance and improve
  • Unique and raw clicks
  • Daily email updates on all affiliates performance

Not providing enough promotional materials

Affiliate managers should not give just a little thought to the promotional creatives offered to the affiliates. Most of the managers offer just a handful of single sized banners, text links and buttons. There are hundreds of places where affiliates market your products and what will happen if they put the same handful ads everywhere? Affiliate managers should also think about adding these-

  • Tips or articles containing embedded affiliate links
  • Testimonials of the customers
  • Email Ads
  • Classified Ads
  • Product photos
  • Newsletters
  • Reviews of products
  • Staff interviews
  • Etc

Not providing a fast and quality support to the affiliates

Your affiliate support staff should be very fast and effective. If you don’t provide a good support to the affiliates on time, they will find many other ways to make good money for their site and you will end up losing a very good source of income!