Social media is itself a powerful tool for marketing and affiliate marketing combined with social media channel can deliver very powerful results for making money online.  If you find a good compelling product with affiliate marketing offer, you save a lot of time in creating marketing materials for promoting it. You just need to send traffic to the affiliate product offer and you get paid for every conversion which happens.

But taking just your affiiate link to the social media page and promoting it is not enough today. There are some strategies and tips needed to bring conversions from your social media marketing efforts on your affiliate product. Here are some great ideas to get more traffic from social media for getting better results from your social media efforts on your affiliate product.

Use quality content first

Do not just start with your product promotion but instead first deliver a compelling content which will bring interest to your product or service and then promote your affiliate link at the end of your content.

Your content can be anyone from the examples here- Blog posts, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Podcast, infographics etc.

Use Images of the product

Images always attract people and it is a good idea to take the picture of the product or service page you are promoting and put the picture with the affiliate link. This will attract the social media users better.

It is better to promote a quality offer in social media

Promoting a high quality is a win-win situation for both customers and affiliates when using a social media for affiliate marketing. As an affiliate you get good commissions for your efforts and your customers also get a good deal on a powerful product. Also with a quality product your reputation as an affiliate becomes better and you are able to sell more products.

Engage in healthy conversations

If you see someone posting or commenting in the area of your expertise, it is good to get involved in that conversation. People will come to know about your profile and what you are selling and thus can increase followers and better prospect for your product conversions.