affiliate management

It is a common problem in affiliate marketing industry to face stagnant affiliates. It is a usual activity in this industry to see that almost all of the overall performance is delivered by only 10% of the affiliates and rests do not perform to expectations. Activating and re-engaging those affiliates who have joined you but not activated is a challenging task. They might be busy advertising other products or services of a different advertiser or may be stagnant in the field of advertising due to different reasons. Activating all these stagnant affiliates is not a bad idea at all! But how to do it!

The best way to activate them is to provide an RITS framework which consists of R- Resources, I- Incentives, T- Tools and S-Support. Resources stand for education, Incentives needed for motivation, Tools for better performance and Support needed to get issues fixed.

Most of the affiliate programs face similar issue of stagnant affiliates and therefore solving this problem and re-activating the affiliates is a must to increase the effectiveness and productivity of the affiliate program. Here are some of the best ways to motivate the stagnant affiliates in your affiliate marketing program.


Different resources can be provided to help them develop interest –

  • These are approval email, textual content (static and dynamic) and visual content.


  • Incentives for Activation and Performance
  • Contests


  • Product Content
  • Plug-ins for blogging
  • List of bestsellers
  • Access to product API
  • Widgets
  • Keywords


  • Support should be reachable
  • Motivation can be given with examples
  • Suggestions tailored to the affiliate needs
  • Surveys and follow-ups

This list is not limited and there can be even more ways to activate your stagnant affiliates. All you need to internally brainstorm and develop more ideas.