Managing your affiliate program is a serious task and it requires a lot of ongoing involvement and efforts. An affiliate program manager should take care of certain specific things which ultimately lead to a strong foundation of the affiliate program and lead to the success of it. Let us have a look on the top traits of a successful affiliate program manager along with responsibilities.

Networking and education

Affiliate marketing is a business model which is based on the idea of ongoing relationship. A successful affiliate program manager is busy creating new connections, developing them with devotion and strengthening the old ones.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, a lot of education (more precisely self education) is necessary. Affiliate marketing hovers around every possible marketing channel and therefore serious and updated education is needed. An affiliate program manager should spend considerable time daily on self education and there are few good books and online courses for affiliate management education available.

Affiliate recruitment and activation

Identifying new affiliates and recruiting them is a core responsibility of an affiliate program manager. Affiliates are the main driving force of every affiliate program and therefore the best selection has to be made by the affiliate managers.

Activation is another important task of affiliate managers and it is a step between affiliate recruitment and converting them into productive ones.

Managing compliance

Policing of inappropriate behavior of affiliates is another important responsibility of affiliate managers. There are Terms of Service and affiliate managers have to constantly ensure that affiliates maintain the compliance and there are no breaches to them.


Keeping the affiliates up-to-date on new products, program enhancements and other things is another important responsibility of program managers. They need to handle all ongoing campaign communications and affiliate correspondence in the best possible manner.

Affiliate program Optimization

Every affiliate program manager needs to identify and implement each and every opportunity to develop affiliate programs. They should also monitor and develop affiliate centered promotions, monitor competitor affiliate programs and promotions and deduct and explain all knowledge deducted from this area for better actions.