You might have heard about several Forex Affiliate programs which help marketers to earn money. Here, in this article you will get to know some good stuff about Forex Affiliate programs and understand what a Forex affiliate program is.

What is a Forex affiliate program?

An affiliate program is simply a marketing program in which a person refers other person to a business with the expectation of a financial reward on referral. The affiliation works through recommendations, links, banners or any other type of marketing technique. In Forex affiliate program, an affiliate marketer refers potential Forex traders to the Forex brokers. The referral is complete when the referred trader clicks on the link in the banner provided by the affiliate marketer and the registers with the broker for trading.

It is really simple to become a Forex affiliate marketer and can take less than 5 minutes to start as a Forex affiliate marketer.

Types of Compensations for Forex Affiliate Programs

Forex affiliates are compensated in various ways. Here are those-

CPA model– In Cost per Acquisition model or CPA model compensation is paid when a referred trader signs up for a Live Forex account or makes a deposit. Standard compensation is $150-$250 per referral and it depends on the size of the deposit made.

CPL model– in Cost Per Lead (CPL) model, the affiliate gets compensation when a referred person fills his details on the landing page of the broker. It may collect some basic details like name, email address, phone etc. Some brokers include signing for a demo account as well in this type of compensation.

Rebates– This compensation comes from the volume of trade made by your referred client. The standard in the industry is 0.5-2 pips and depends on different factors.

Revenue Sharing– Some affiliate programs offer sharing parts of their revenues from clients.

Hybrid models– In the hybrid type of commission model, the affiliate is given a couple of commission models combined. For example – CPA+ Revenue sharing