Affiliate marketing is a constantly evolving marketing trend and has recently gained a lot of momentum in the world of marketing. Now nearly every vertical of businesses has taken the unmatchable benefits of affiliate marketing. With the growing recognition of affiliate marketing, some new and hottest trends have evolved recently and we will take a thorough look on them.

Rise in influencer marketing

The word-of-mouth marketing has grown to a big level in today’s generation and a recent study has shown that around 92% of the population trusts more on peer referrals than by brands themselves. This brings the logic that you should move more influencers to your side. As an affiliate marketer you can take the advantage of influencer marketing by partnering with big influencers across all big social channels, invite guest posts or including data from third party programs supporting products you market.

Growth in performance tracking measures

Today marketers have become data hounds. Performance tracking tools and measures are constantly evolving in the market and it is always fruitful to take the help of them in making your affiliate campaign more effective.

Always track the effectiveness of your delivery mechanisms and campaign messages. Analyze the ROI from different channels you use in marketing. Don’t waste your energy in promoting products which do not convert efficiently.

Convergence of content marketing and affiliate marketing

Rise of content marketing is a big reason for the acceptance and popularity of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers now produce content which is intended to drive searches to their website and blogs and thus increase their affiliate conversions. But staying on the best practices of content marketing and SEO is more important to increase the favorability of Google.

Discount promotion strategy

Discount hunting has grown to a big level in the last few years. Consumers are now trained to seek out discounts and deals to get the greater value from the product they want to buy.

Now merchants with the help of affiliate services load banners or texts providing various types of promotional offers. People give more attention to the messages of the affiliates when the affiliate content sources great offers for the readers.