Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from your blog. You choose a product related to your blog niche and then create awareness for that product through your blog. When somebody purchases that product using your affiliate link, you get a referral commission from it. If you are new to this area, the question arises how you promote the affiliate products through your blog. Well, it is quite simple; here are the ways to do so.


A great review for a product can be your biggest source of affiliate revenue. A review article provides a complete introduction of the product to the readers of your blog. Your opinion about the product guides them for making a purchase decision for that particular product. Here are few things you should consider while writing a product review.

  • They should be honest carrying both sides of the coin.
  • Also add product images and provide all useful information of the product.
  • Your reviews should have a personal tone.
  • Use the product before writing the review so that you have complete knowledge on it.

How- to Articles

If your product needs some instructions for using it, you can write down a how-to article or a tutorial guide for the product. For example you can write – How to add an additional domain to your service provider host. These how-to articles not only help in your affiliate marketing of the product but will also help in performing well in the search engines.

Banner Advertisement

Banner advertisements work well when you get a good targeted traffic to your website. A great part of your traffic conversions can come from the banner clicks. Don’t add too many banners and never add banner ads for similar products on the sidebar which may confuse readers in their buying decision. You can put products related to a certain niche within that particular niche segment. For example- If you have written a blog on WordPress tips, you can place banner ads for WP Themes, hosting, plug-ins, services etc.