Affiliate marketing has evolved as one of the most effective type of performance marketing technique today and a number of industries and retailers have taken the benefit of it to grow their sales. There are numerous examples from the industry and the popularity is still growing with a good rate.  But it is really surprising to know that nearly 20 % of retailers still have not understood the concept fully. And a quarter of the retailers have not still considered that affiliate marketing can be a great step for the success of their business. While 42% have an active affiliate marketing campaign in place.

These findings came from a Poll by ‘Paid On Results’ which polled 975 founder retailers with an e-commerce website. According to Graeme Sandwell, the managing director of Paid On Results, “It is a real shame that not all retailers with e-commerce websites have recognized the importance of affiliate marketing. And he was really surprised to know that around 20 percent of retailers even do not know what affiliate marketing is.

He believes that Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing which can really provide tangible results. The reason is that affiliates will try their best to promote your product or services in order to earn commissions from the sales. It is like deploying a big army of marketers who are ready to send engaged customers your way. The time will show to these unaware retailers that how easy and affordable is to set an affiliate marketing campaign and run it smoothly.

The results from the poll showed that Clothing retailers having an e-commerce set-up were most influenced by the affiliate marketing and many have an affiliate program in place. Retailers who specialize in luxury products showed the least interest in affiliate marketing.