Developing your affiliate program in your local country and language is the first step you should consider if this is your first target audience.We live in a global village especially when it comes to online shopping. Introducing new languages to your brand website and affiliate program is an idea to consider as step two. There are many affiliates that promote products such as yours in other languages such as French, Italian, Spanish and more.

Before you begin marketing you product through affiliates in countries other than your own it is important to consider: Is there a need for your product or service in that country? Are there quality publishers and potential affiliate partners in the country? Is there awareness of your brand in the country? There are questions that will impact on your affiliate program strategy. If there is no need for your product or service in a particular country then there is no point in launching a affiliate campaign. If there are people you can partner with then they may help you create brand awareness in a given country.

The affiliate marketing channel is a inexpensive and simple way to expand your business worldwide. Affiliate marketing reduces the financial risk connected with international expansion. It allows brands check if there is a market for their product/ service without paying for clicks or impressions with the CPA (cost per action) or pay-for-sales model. It gives your brand the option of having people who know the language and culture of a given country working for you without laying out a large amount of capital. Local affiliates can help you with the following: local payment method; tax handling; localize website; support in local language; regional pricing; and customized shopping carts and emails. You can also learn about a country through the knowledge of your affiliate partners. This will help to shorten the learning curve, which will allow you to start providing targeted content and products in your new country in a short amount of time.

Another advantage of expanding to a new country through an affiliate marketing channel is that you can recruit affiliates with SEO expertise. SEO in another language can be a daunting task so having an affiliate who is familiar with the language and habits of a given culture can be an enormous boost to your business. They can increase awareness of your brands through their marketing efforts based on key terms.

We are experts in expanding an affiliate program to overseas countries. To ensure that your overseas affiliate program is high-quality and runs smoothly we do the following:

  • Customize offer
  • Use local affiliate network
  • Get local help to manage program
  • Nurture relationship with the performers
  • Address the local opportunities