We build and manage affiliate programs to meet the needs of our clients. Affiliate programs can have 3 options to choose from:

A: Build their own in-house affiliate program

How to grow an in-house affiliate program

  • To begin with it is important to undertake a competitor analysis. This will help you to understand your market sector and to make sure you are unique. It is important to understand how your competitors’ affiliate programs are perceived within the industry. Have a look at what commission tires your competitors offer, see the size of their affiliate base, and have a look at how much revenue their affiliate channels generate. See if you can find any gaps in the market where your affiliate program can fit in.
  • Define the level of commission and the incentives you are willing to offer your affiliates. This can take the form of tiered commission levels; bonuses; and/or voucher codes/ cashback vouches.
  • Create appealing graphics such as banners. Make sure that you banners are always up to date and fresh. Make sure they reflect the deal of the day or the sale you have on at a given time.
  • It is essential that you communicate with your affiliate base. You can achieve this through a “contact us” section on you website. You can also factor in one 2 one contact through phone, email or face to face.
  • Campaign analysis. Decide what you are going to monitor. You may want to measure the following: CTR (Click-through rate); impressions; conversion; average order value; and active affiliates.

B: Purchase third party software to manage the program

Many affiliate programs are hosted by third-party specialist software companies, such as www.hasoffers.com and www.postaffiliatepro.com. They provide the infrastructure needed to support both the retail trader and the affiliates. If the retail trader decides to purchase a third party software the managing the signing and supporting of affiliates is still undertaken by us. The commission payment makeup and specific terms of affiliate support is decided according to the wishes of the retail trader and our experience.

C: Work through affiliate networks.

An affiliate network is a combination of various affiliate programs grouped together around a common theme or interest and promoted to potential affiliates who are already providing websites that serve those interests.

A retail trader joining an existing affiliate network can be a quick way to start a new affiliate program. The leading affiliate networks are:

Different networks have different ways of pricing their services. Some will ask for a set-up fee while others will ask for a lump sum up front as a deposit against the first payments. Most will take a percentage of the commission paid.

When considering a network it is important to look at the quality of the business per affiliate rather than just the raw number of affiliates that are signed up to the network.

Different networks also have different ways they list the retail traders that they represent; some are open and display full directories, while others only allow full access to the full list after sign up and approval.

Any of the 3 or a combination can work and we help set all these up for your program.