Prior to launching your affiliate program, you should have a strategy in place for attracting new partners. A properly researched and targeted recruitment strategy is a very important elements of a successful affiliate program. Such a strategy may include some of the following plans of action: researching competitor keywords and backlinks to determine potential partners; offering incentives and bonuses to existing partners for referrals; Creating an information page on your website specifying details about your affiliate program; and submitting your program to affiliate directories.

When using a simple Google search to find affiliates you can begin by making a list of keywords that relate to your business. You can then start to search these keywords. After that you may want to consider the range of alternate search queries that exist. Alternate search quires are different queries that can be used to get similar search results.

A backlink is the tracking equipped link that directs the reader from the affiliates website to the Merchants website. Most of the backlinks that your competitor receives are through their affiliates. If you are able to identify the source of these links you may be able to find affiliates of your competitor. You can then attempt to convince these affiliates to work with you. You can use Open Site Explorer to get a list of backlinks to your compeditor. You need to type in the name of the website click enter and a comprehensive list of backlinks received by your competitor will appear.

When offering incentives and bonuses to existing partners for referrals you need to make your offer enticing and worth while for the partner. Think about unique ways to phrase your offer so that it will grab the attention and interest of your partners.

When creating an information page on your website specifying details about your affiliate program make sure that your content is carefully designed to sell the affiliate program to prospective affiliates. Carefully plan the wording of the program description.

You can try to submit your program to as many affiliate directories as possible. Some of these directories will charge but there are many that allow you to post your program for free.

It is useful to break your potential affiliates into groups before you begin your search for affiliates. Consider what audience the affiliates have and what traffic they can bring. Break down all the possible groups your affiliates could fall into and create tools that specifically relate to each group. You may want to begin by targeting the affiliates that you think will bring the highest volume of traffic and sales.

Once you are ready to launch your affiliate program it is best to announce it as widely and loudly as possible. Your announcement should include something that will entice affiliates to join. It should also describe the affiliate program and offer an activation and/or performance bonus. Some of the ways you can announce your affiliate program are as follows: affiliate marketing websites; affiliate networks; social media channels, affiliate program directories and press release websites.

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