An affiliate program needs always to evaluate its performance and this is done through reports. Getting reports is the hard facts about your programs process and results, thus twiking/ changing what needs to make it work even stronger. Reports are important as they show how an affiliate performed in the past and how they are performing at the moment. The information provided by reports is especially important in today’s day and age when information is moving quickly and things can change rapidly.

Our performance marketing network uses advanced tracking and reporting that delivers a clear overview of activity. We use multiple tracking methods to ensure complete accuracy of reporting. When we create our performance reports we look at various aspects of the affiliate program.

The following are some of the aspects of the program we look at:

  • Clicks
    How many times the affiliate ad was clicked during a given time period. A click is counted when an ad is clicked. Depending on what the affiliate is promoting, this can include Page likes, event responses or app installs.
  • Number of leads and sales
    Lead generation is the generation of interest into a given product or service. We look at how many qualified leads the affiliates bring and how many sales have been referred by your affiliates.
  • The volume of sales
    The sale occurs when a transaction between two parties takes place. The buyer receives good/ service/assets in exchange for money. We look at the amount of money brought in from the sales.
  • Commission
    The commission is the fee payed to the affiliate. It is a percentage of the money received from a total paid to the affiliate for the business. The total amount of money paid in commissions over a given period of time.
  • Conversion ratio
    Conversion ratio is the percentage of click that result in commissionable activity (Sale or lead). We look at this percentage.
  • Active affiliates
    The number of active affiliates in the program.
  • Recruited affiliates
    How many affiliates have been recruited and what kind of affiliates they are (eg. Super affiliate).