We generally receive a request to audit an existing affiliate program when the program has reached a certain size and has peaked in its efficiency. It is essential to retain those things that are working and to identify areas that can be altered or optimized. We carefully and thoroughly conduct our affiliate program audit. We examine every aspect of a program to help us gain a good understanding of the program’s effectiveness and to identify growth opportunities.

The following are areas that we focus on when auditing your affiliate program for continued success:

    • Application process
      Your application process should be smooth and hassle free without an extended waiting period. You should address all pending applications and review all applications on a daily basis.


    • Activation processes
      It is necessary to be available to your affiliates at all time. This will ensure they have the support they need when they are getting active. Look at how affiliates are getting active. Try to build relationships will inactive affiliates.


    • Optimized Auto Responders
      The acceptance email an affiliate receives should be appealing and catchy. It should include your company’s information and contact details, best selling products, promotions and more. It is a nice idea to also include a bonus to get your affiliates motivated.


    • Relevant creatives
      The banners you use should be relevant, current and effective. An outdated banner can easily put clients off.


    • Relevant reporting metrics
      To build a stronger program and affiliate team the affiliate EPCs, conversion rates, activity rates, transaction rates impressions, growth rates and click rates need to be assessed.


    • Contact details
      Your contact details (name, email and phone number) should be prevalent and easily accessible. Affiliates should be able to reach you without difficulty. Use Facebook, Twitter and Skype for outreach. Communicate frequently.


    • Affiliate diversity
      To optimize your affiliate program it is necessary to have active affiliates from all areas. Such areas may include: content writer, PPC affiliates, social networks, bloggers, reward sites, email marketers and radio stations.


    • Product and promotion  – Consider the products you offer and determine whether or not they are your best sellers. Look at the prices you are giving your products and check that they are competitive. Look at how you are promoting your product. Do you have a plan of action?