How To Build An Affiliate Network Strategy?

Affiliates have many strategies to promote products and finding the best affiliates for your products is the key to success. Affiliate promote various products they choose to from independent programs or join a network that offer them a variety of industries and advertisers to choose from in one place. These types of affiliates can be of great value for your business. Adding your affiliate program is a good idea to spread your marketing reach. However there are hundreds of networks available. Which one is the right one for your program? We have been working with affiliate networks for many years and have the knowledge of which one will best suite your program needs.

We research and find out which affiliate network is best for your business. Which networks are the most successful and which network will help you gain new customers and increase sales. Some of the things we take into account when selecting affiliate networks for you are as follows. We take into consideration the size of your business. If you have a large multi-chain retail business we may select a large network for you. However, if you have a smaller niche business a smaller more targeted networks may work better for you.

We also look at the affiliate networks marketing methods to see if they are inline with your marketing approach. We weigh up and see if your product/service works best with a coupon cod/cash back type of affiliate or a blogging/search marketing affiliate.

Another thing we consider is the tracking tools that the affiliate networks use. We want you to have real-time reports of your traffic and conversions so you know who your affiliates are and where sales are coming from.
We also look at what measures the affiliate network takes to minimize fraud. Affiliate fraud does arise and is a problem. We look at how the affiliate network monitors fraud.

Support is key when dealing with an affiliate network. They need to have a place for customer support so that if you have any questions or experience a problem there is someone to talk to.