Optimizing your affiliate program is an important factor in the process of achieving your targets of bringing traffic and sales to your program. Affiliate program optimization involves auditing an affiliate program to find out which areas can be improved, and then employing those changes.

The rationale for conversion optimization is now widely known. It is simply easier to increase your profit by increasing your web conversions than it is to push for more affiliate traffic. Affiliate optimization you can get you 10%, 20% or 50% more conversions from the same traffic.

Some areas that can be optimized to give your affiliate program that needed boost are as follows:

    1. Commission Offer- A commission offering that is competitive in relation to similar programs in your area is key to a successful affiliate program. A competitive commission offering encourages affiliates to work harder and gives them a reason to focus on your program.
    2. Affiliate performance incentives – You can be creative when thinking of affiliate performance incentives. You can choose various milestone, such as the first 10 sales, to hand out affiliate rewards or bonuses. These awards could come in the form of a trip away or a cash bonus.
    3. Cookie duration- Your affiliates must feel confidant that they will be able to earn commissions from your program. Thus the length of your cookie offering must be long enough to give them this assurance.
    4. Creatives-  Make sure that any call-to-action phrases or words that you use are clear and direct your affiliate to the right landing page on your site. A proper landing page is also essential is it can help with your affiliate programs’ conversion rates.
    5. Consumer offers and promotions- By enticing your consumer with coupons, free shipping, summer sales and the like you are also helping your affiliate.