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We have major connections in the affiliate community and a huge database of affiliates that we work with. We know how to reach affiliates & super affiliates and we hand pick the ones that are most suitable for your business, the real champions who really know how to drive traffic and sales to your sites.
Building Affiliate Relationships

Affiliate relationships need to be built and taken care of every step of the way in order to have continuous growth.  Affiliates will build your business so the need to search for them is a must! We have the knowhow & years of experience of knowing what kind of site works best for your company and contact these affiliates. We do it all for you. 
Affiliate Marketing & Management

Affiliate Management & Marketing Australia is an Affiliate Marketing Program that manages & offers you the best solutions to promote your business online. Affiliate Management & Marketing will grow your company’s profitability by generating traffic and sales to your website from many affiliates websites. This traffic will lead to growth in sales revenue from new customer acquisitions. Launching a new affiliate program is not a simple task. We will give you an honest evaluation and a plan for success.

Forrester Research. has published their “US Affiliate Marketing Forecast, 2009 To 2016″ based on based in interviews of “vendor and user companies, including Commission Junction, Intuit, LinkShare,, Performance Marketing Alliance, Stateless Systems, ValueClick, and Vertive” In it Forrester forecasts the affiliate marketing industry is expected to grow from $1.9 billion in 2009 to $4 billion by 2016.
Company Profile

If you have an online presence and you're ready to boost online sales with your own affiliate program, we'll take you through the setup process and make sure your affiliate marketing program launches properly, maximizing your sales and protecting your brand.  We'll work with you on how much to compensate affiliates, what incentives to use and the types of affiliates you want and want to avoid.  A few good Super Affiliates are preferred over thousands of non-producing affiliates; we'll work to recruit those top producers. Key to attracting top selling affiliates is creating a program that's attractive, solid and clean.  Trust must be the foundation of a successful affiliate program, this is where we start.

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Affiliate Networks

As a full service to your company we offer our clients affiliate network inclusions into the main programs for their category. We have partnered with the major affiliate networks such as commission junction, sharasale, affiliate window.

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Affiliate Software

Affiliate software serves a few purposes; managing affiliates and tracking their performances.  The affiliate software tracks banner ads, links, ppc advertising as well as some email marketing campaigns and landing pages. We will set up all of this for you and make sure you get the right program and save money.

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Google Shopping Paid Search

We now offer a new service. Google Shopping Integration Services for the new Paid Google Shopping. Get to the top of Google shopping today!

Google Shopping Integration

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